【Notice】External Event on 14th April.

On April 14th, our chef Junichiro Horie will be performing at a special event ‘ 5th Pasta University ‘ .


The 4 performers for the day of the event are Junichiro Horie of ‘Ristorante i-lunga’ , Koji Kobayashi of  ‘Fogliolina della Porta Fortuna’ , Hiromi Yamada of ‘ infonito Hiro’ , Kennichi Inomata of ‘Toyoken’ .


The event tickets are already on sale.  Purchasing tickets is possibele on the official website of the event.

Please refer to the following URL for detail.:https://t.livepocket.jp/e/pasta5


We look forward to your attendance on the day of the event!

Please be noticed that we’ll be closed for regular business due to our participation in this event.


Thank you very much for dining with us. We truly appreciate your patronage.