新しい『リストランテ イ・ルンガ』にどうぞご期待ください!


From their local color to the qualities of their people who have continued to cherish and preserve the traditions and histories that comprise of many elements that are tightly intertwined, Nara and Italy exhibit many similarities.

Our restaurant weaves the story of these two lands that are in concert with one another to offer diners the most luxurious gastronomic experience.

While located here in Nara, Junichiro Horie presents highly original cuisine based on techniques of the Piedmont region. The ingredients used are rare and valuable vegetables, livestock, and game procured by Horie himself on visits to the production areas, and directly from producers, he has built up strong relationships of trust with.

The variety of traditional handmade pasta, represented by the agnolotti dal plin, are virtually synonymous with Horie’s name. Savor dishes made of carefully selected ingredients of complex and complementing flavors, and please enjoy the extraordinary time that is created through the dining experience.

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Chef Junichiro Horie

Born in Tokyo in 1971. Traveled to Italy at the age of 25, and spent about six years training mainly in Tuscany and Piedmont.
In 2002, he was appointed the opening chef at RISTORANTE PISTERNA in Piedmont and became the first Japanese chef to receive a Michelin star in Italy just one year and five months after the restaurant opened.

After returning to Japan in 2005, he traveled to all parts of Japan in search of the most exquisite ingredients and deepened his bonds with the people.

In 2007, he opened RISTORANTE LA GRADISCA in Nishi-azabu.
In August 2009, he opened Ristorante i-lunga in Nara, which he still runs today.

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  • Amuse-bouche
  • Cold appetizer
  • Warm appetizer
  • Primo piatto
    ~ One pasta or risotto ~
  • Main
    ~ One meat or fish ~
  • Palate cleanser
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
(Includes tax, excludes service charge of 10%)


  • Stuzzichini
  • Amuse-bouche
  • Cold appetizer
  • Warm appetizer
  • Two primo piatto
    ~ Handmade pasta, risotto, etc. ~
  • Secondo piatto
    ~ Meat ~
  • Palate cleanser
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
(Includes tax, excludes service charge of 10%)
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16 Kasugano-cho, Nara-shi, Nara Pref
(Yume-Kaze Plaza)

LUNCH- 11:30~15:00 (13:30 L.O.)
DINNER- 18:00~22:00 (20:00L.O.)
※Reservation required for dinner

Open daily except otherwise noticed

* If you come by car to our restaurant, you can use the parking lot in the adjacent “Yumekaze-Hiroba”, but there are limited numbers. Please acknowledge beforehand. Also, if you need to use the parking lot, please let know us in advance.

* You can find the entrance of our restaurant if you go along bus street.
(You cannot enter from inside of Yome-Kaze plaza)


・The restaurant may take some time to reply.

・If you have an inquiry on the day, please call and ask by telephone.(reservation, change of the reservation, other inquiries)

・When requesting a reservation, please state clearly in your email: “The time of the reservation and the number of diners,” “whether the reservation is for lunch or dinner,” “whether or not any of the diners have food allergies,” and “where you are staying in Japan and your contact details.” Your reservation is confirmed upon you receiving our reply. If you have any inquiries on the day, please call us.

入社2年目 厨房スタッフ 男性




フロアマネジャー 男性






  • Important information regarding reservations. Please be sure to read before making reservations.
  • *In order to allow all customers to dine comfortably, no smoking is permitted inside the restaurant.
  • *The meals are a single course at both lunch and dinner.
  • *For diners wanting special courses, reservations for two or more people are required. Please make your reservation by email, at least five days before you plan to visit the restaurant.
  • *Reservations are accepted by contact form or via the website reservation system.
    (Online reservations are not taken for parties accompanied by children aged 13 or younger, or for parties of five or more people. Please contact us by contact form.)
  • *Each month’s seating reservations begin being taken from the first day of the previous month (if the first day of the month falls on a day when the restaurant is closed, reservations are taken from the next working day). For example, reservations for between March 1 and 31 are taken from February 1. If you are hoping to hire out the restaurant etc., please make a separate inquiry.
  • *Dinner is reservations only. The last reservation accepted on the day is 7:30 p.m.
  • *Customers traveling by car should use the parking lot inside the Yume-Kaze Plaza adjacent to the restaurant. We apologize for the trouble, but if you plan to use the parking lot please let us know in advance.
  • *If you wish to cancel a reservation or change the number of diners, please be sure to contact the restaurant by telephone by the day before your reservation. In some instances the cost of the meals will be charged in full if reservations are cancelled on the day.
  • *Please refrain from visiting the restaurant in overly casual clothing such as shorts, sandals or tank tops.
  • *A separate service charge (10%) will be added to the bill.
For customers reserving a table for dinner:
The dinner meal is selected by Junichiro Horie. Please inform the restaurant of any ingredients you have an aversion to or any ingredients you are allergic to in advance. At times the meals will feature wild game, offal dishes and so forth. If you are unable to eat wild game etc., please let us know in advance along with informing us of allergies etc.
Changes to ingredients will not be accepted on the day, so please discuss them with us by the day before the day of your reservation.
In addition, dinner is restricted to diners aged 13 or older who will be able to consume the same meal as the adults.
For reservation form website (Japanese site only)
This is the reservation form.
For reservation with an inquiry form
This is the contact details.